Rothwell Investment | About Us



We are a leading Asia-based asset manager in charge of investments on behalf of retail and institutional clients. We have a considerable investment footprint across Southeast Asia Pacific region and are committed to delivering high quality investment outcomes for our clients over the long term. We provide investment solutions across a range of asset classes including equities, fixed income, multi asset, derivatives, infrastructure and alternatives.

We aim to be a trusted partner for our clients and have been recognised for our achievements and strong investment performance with numerous awards. We see these industry awards as a testament to our investment expertise and commitment to excellence.

We have a business platform that defines our brand and who we are for clients and team members. At the center of that platform is our brand purpose. It says what we believe, how we differ from our competitors, and how we care for customers.

Our motto is: “To invest our clients’ money profitable. We believe better is an achievable goal for everyone. This is why our team works together every day to help our clients reach this goal.”

Our purpose is supported by these principles to deliver on our purpose and promise to work together to differentiate Rothwell Investment from our competitors:

  • Relationships that last a lifetime. We know our customers and care about them as individuals. In every interaction with us, they feel understood, recognized, and supported through their financial journey.
  • Expertise and guidance to help our customers make confident investment decisions. We provide guidance and options so that customers can make informed choices.
  • Going the extra mile to do what’s right. We put the interests of customers and communities first in all we do.


Rothwell Investment’s Value Proposition



  • Independent financial services firm
  • Dedicated to global capital markets
  • Focused on serving investors, corporations and financial institutions



  • Integrity
  • Trust
  • Global Expertise



  • Formed as a partnership with almost 50 seasoned and successful investment banking professionals



  • Principals have pledged all needed capital
  • No outside investors



  • Significant investments in systems, analytics and proprietary applications



  • Managing Principals and a senior leadership team with extensive business experience
  • Veteran Chief Financial Officer, Chief Operating Officer and Chief General Counsel



Our role as investors

  • We manage long-term investment portfolios on behalf of our clients.
  • Our investment philosophy is founded on the principle of stewardship – careful, considered and responsible management of our clients' funds.
  • We believe our job is to allocate our clients' capital to good quality companies with sound growth prospects and strong management teams, ensuring we pay sensible prices for these investments. We believe that we have a responsibility as investors to manage our clients' funds to the mutual benefit of all stakeholders and the wider community.


Investment Oath

Every member of our investment team is sworn to a strict code of conduct when they join. By signing the following Investment Oath, they pledge to uphold the principle of stewardship through their conduct and work practices.

  • We will treat our clients at all times as we would wish to be treated
  • We will not allow the pursuit of personal gain to cloud our fiduciary roles
  • We will strive to achieve, through hard work, sober analysis and sound judgement, the best risk-adjusted returns possible for our clients
  • We will not, however, pursue these returns to the extent that our actions will knowingly harm others
  • We will remember that a share in a business brings with it responsibilities as well as rights
  • We will not forget in our search for returns that the primary risk faced by our clients is losing their capital
  • We will not succumb to irrational exuberance in good times, nor to unjustified gloom in bad times
  • We will present a balanced viewpoint, highlighting risks as well as potential returns
  • We will recognise that our role within society is to allocate capital where it can be used most productively for the future benefit of all
  • We will not be ashamed to admit our mistakes and will strive to learn from them, as well as those of others
  • We will share our experiences - both good and bad - with our peers, and work together with them to earn the respect of those outside the investment profession
  • We will play our part in promoting financial education as it benefits wider society


Our Investment Team

We are all investment analysts. Our non-hierarchical structure and open culture empowers everyone in the team to make a significant contribution to stock selection. Remuneration is aligned to the long-term performance of all strategies managed by the team.


Our Thinking

Rothwell Investment believes that the sustainable development positioning of companies is playing an increasingly important role in determining long-term shareholder returns in both developed and developing markets.