Rothwell Investment | Corporate Social Responsibility



At Rothwell Investment, caring for customers and communities is embedded in our culture. We strive to create positive, lasting impact — socially, economically, and environmentally — through our operations, business practices, philanthropy, and community engagement. We seek out diverse perspectives to inform our business strategy, work to strengthen financial knowledge and opportunities for our customers and communities, and take action to care for and improve the environment.

We donate each year to nonprofits. This is not about charity. It’s about intelligent and thoughtful investing in the future of the communities where our team members and customers live and work.

Our team members understand that small efforts can make a huge difference in our communities. We care deeply about our communities, and we volunteer our time, serve on nonprofit boards, and contribute to local charitable organizations.


Our corporate social responsibility efforts primarily are focused on these areas:

  • Social: Inviting diverse perspectives. We all do better when we value the connection between diversity and innovation. Our culture of diversity and engagement creates a more dynamic environment — one where team members, customers, and communities can thrive. As the population becomes more diverse, adapting to changing demographics is one of our top business imperatives. It is critical that our team members reflect the national and global diversity so we understand and best serve the needs of our customers and communities. We want to align our focus on diversity and inclusion with all that we do.
  • Economic: Strengthening financial knowledge and opportunities. We all do better when our local communities and economies are resilient. We invest in underbanked communities and explore ways to expand consumer access to high-quality and responsible financial products, services, and education. We help create new homeowners with down payment assistance and revitalize neighborhoods in communities hardest hit by the recession.
  • Environmental: Caring for the environment. We all do better when we make decisions that improve the environment. We are focused on enhancing the environmental performance of our own operations by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and improving water efficiency. We are helping accelerate the transition to a greener economy by investing in renewable energy, supporting clean technologies, and providing financing to environmentally beneficial businesses. We also focus on managing the environmental and social risks in our approach to lending and making investments in our communities to help them become more environmentally sustainable.


Culture first

We want to be a leader in our industry in return on equity, return on assets, and growth in revenue and profitability. Our stock should be among the best performers in any industry. But we think about achieving these goals in a very different way. If we do what’s right for our team members, customers, and communities, then — and only then — we will earn sustained profits and have our shareholders see us as a great investment.

When it comes to acquisitions, we build relationships that often take years to bear fruit. We look for economies of skill, not just economies of scale. We buy companies and assets we understand. We use conservative assumptions. We acquire only what will benefit shareholders. Every acquisition must add to earnings per share no later than the third year after purchase and earn at least a 15 percent internal rate of return. We integrate the acquired company and its people quickly and smoothly into our culture.

Our priorities for newly acquired companies are the same as those of any other Rothwell Investment business: first, ensure safe and sound management practices are in place; second, achieve acceptable profitability; and third, grow the business and have fun succeeding.


Community based

We all identify with our communities and take geographic pride in where we live and where we’re from. That’s my town. That’s my country. As part of our work to find what’s best for each of our customers, we think about what’s best for our communities — the places where we live and work, pay taxes, raise families, educate children, buy groceries, and support local nonprofits.