Rothwell Investment | Research



From the beginning, research has been the backbone of our firm. We focus the full scope of our research expertise and innovation on the global investing landscape-with the goal of making a difference for our clients.


Creating actionable insight

Our diverse network of global analysts works every day to make the connections between disparate pieces of information, seeking differentiated insights that guide better investment decisions.

Rothwell Investment’s research is conducted across departments in collaboration with the Investment Policy Committee. Research may include analysis of the dynamic elements of the investment process, including refining risk management techniques and monitoring market capacity to the extent consistent with basic investment methodologies. Research also includes the examination of profit opportunities in markets not currently traded by Rothwell Investment programs and in new instruments as they become available. Proprietary research related to trading program development, design and composition may also be conducted or supervised.


Leading research capabilities

Our research effort brings together the perspectives of a diverse range of expert analysts—from fundamental and quantitative to economic and glide path experts. Their common focus is on delivering better investment solutions and results for our clients.


Fundamental Research - Conducting in-depth evaluation of individual asset classes, companies and government entities, and security structures


Quantitative Research - Developing tools to improve forecast accuracy, build better solutions and tackle complex wealth-planning challenges


Economic Research - Understanding the forces that drive global economic trends and influence a country’s fundamental condition


Multi-Asset Research - Developing tools that help us analyze risk, forecast security returns and build better portfolios


Sell-Side Research - Delivering industry-leading, independent research to inform institutional investment managers’ decisions